333 years of experience – and counting.

Founded in Westphalia in 1689, we continue our company’s tradition in the 9th generation in our manufactory in Hamburg, Germany. Now as then, we create our Korn with manual labor from purely organic ingredients. Our family’s experience of more than 333 years, our dedication to detail and oak barrels as old as 200 years give Elmendorf Korn a taste that is unmatched – and unmatchable.

Lending their unique characteristics to our Korn, our barrels are centuries-old family property and named after our ancestors, friends and historical figures. Using nothing else but organically grown wheat as an ingredient, we produce spirits that can compete with the world’s best whiskeys and grappas. They offer a smooth, yet clearly delineated texture and subtle undercurrents of vanilla or orange.

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Mr. Mathias Maul

Some of the medals and ribbons of honor our products received during the past centuries.

A view of the old factory. Our great-great-grandfather E. F. Elmendorf founded the company in 1689 in Westphalia. Today, the manufactory is based in Hamburg.

We take great care in using top-notch quality in everything, from product to packaging.

We still use much of the old inventory in our Korn manufactory in Hamburg. This picture shows wooden crates used to deliver Korn to Africa in the 19th century.

Proprietors Judith and Kai Elmendorf refine exquisite organic grain according to an old craft tradition.

The tenth generation – daughters Mai and Gloria – are already preparing to continue the family tradition.